On starting a walkabout blog

Jan. 12 2014 at Big Flat, CA. Photo by Clay Duda

For this love of pines trees I had to start a travel blog. Not that my life is really that interesting, but all of these photos need to go somewhere.

I’m still not sure where I plan to go with this blog or if it will turn into some grand ambition. For the time being expect to see a lot of photos, some throwback posts, and short bursts from romps around Northern California.

We’ll start with a few dated shots from the banks of the Trinity River near Big Flat, California. The emerald-green flow is said to be a gem when it comes to wrangling a steelhead or two, and in January 2014 my buddy Micah and I decided to try our luck.

Micah on the Trinity River. Photo by Clay Duda.

Despite a few nibbles, we didn’t catch anything. The Department of Fish and Game likes to make it a challenge, mainly by banning the use of barbed hooks on the river. You can only catch hatchery steelhead, too, and I hear even pulling one of the wild beasts out of the water can earn you a citation if a game warden happens to be near. (Hatchery steelhead have a top fin cut close, so they’re pretty easy to spot.

We did get skunked, but spending the afternoon watching the winter sun fade behind the hillside and cast a pale blue hue across the Trinity River Canyon made the trek to this remote stretch of Northern California well worth the mileage.

A rock in Big Flat, CA. Photo by Clay Duda.

These photos were taken with on an iPhone 4s using the Pro HDR app ($1.99). The app exposes for the brightest and darkest parts of the scene, capturing two images that are combined into one photo. It’s one of the few apps I’ve ever actually paid for, and if you’re looking to shoot some stunning landscape photos I’d recommend giving it a whirl.

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Clay Duda is a freelance journalist and photographer. People usually pay him to write things. Here he does it for free.